Uma Bardhan, whose repertoire includes depicting naturescapes, rural Bengal, Indian mythology and city life, got drawn to spiritual art in the later part of her career.

She experiments & works with plethora of medium including a rare  'water colour on silk'; a painstaking process wherein a special silk cloth is mounted on board before it can be used for painting.

"Bardhan weaves her protagonists, hindu gods & goddesses, women, birds and other natural elements into visual thoughts, into strokes of spirituality as one breathe in the colours, flow with the textures and soak in the spirit of mother nature."  — Hindustan Times, May 2014



- Bachelor of Arts, Calcutta University, West Bengal. 

- Diploma in Fine Arts, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, West Bengal.

Trained under eminent artists:

- Makhan Dutta Gupta; in oil color

- Maniklal Banerjee; (Ex. Professor of Govt. College of Arts & Craft, Calcutta) in water color.

Grants & Awards:

- First Prize in Water color section from Govt. of West Bengal, 1986.

- Certificate of merit in Water color from Oriental Arts Society, 1987.

- Certificate for Workshop from Govt. of West Bengal, 1987.